About Us

Fearless Girl, bronze statue by Kristen Visbal.
Fearless Girl, a bronze statue by Kristen Visbal.

“About Us” is really about you and me. It is about us developing a personal, trusted relationship that takes into account your unique situation, passions and concerns.

I believe that the creation, understanding and management of financial wealth requires more than just a technically competent financial calculator and that it cannot be easily achieved through anonymous “robo advisors”, call-in centers or product pushers. One size does not fit all and you deserve someone held to a fiduciary standard that will always put your best interests first.

I invite you to seek out that personal relationship with a trusted advisor regardless of your net worth or account size by giving me call.

I look forward to hearing from you!

“It’s important to have someone who you totally trust, who is totally committed,
who shares your vision, and yet who has a little bit different set of skills
and who also acts as something of a check on you.”

-Bill Gates in a discussion with Warren Buffett

Our Guiding Principles


You can expect:

  • A client focused agenda
  • Unwavering honesty
  • Unbiased advice
  • Original objective thinking
  • No proprietary products recommended
  • Third party financial planning tools
  • Third party investment research


We strive to engage our clients by:

  • Contacting them regularly
  • Guiding their understanding of investment principles
  • Being accessible to engage in discussions regarding any financial concerns
  • Coaching when appropriate
  • Helping to simplify complex problems


We promise to:

  • Do the right thing regardless of monetary remuneration
  • Beworthy of our clients’ trust
  • Disclose all fees, expenses and costs associated with our services and investments
  • Disclose all potential conflicts of interest


We relentlessly pursue industry expertise and worldly understanding by:

  • Continuously learning both personally and professionally
  • Staying apprised of current and world events
  • Maintaining sought after industry credentials
  • Realizing our limits and making appropriate referrals


We seek personal, long term client
relationships by:

  • Listening
  • Collaborating
  • Being genuinely interested in all aspects of our clients lives
  • Striving to understand the clients’ viewpoint
  • Seeking honest feedback

For more information please contact us below or call 425-424-2222.